Advanced and Latest Technology Instruments

At Chaudhari Netralaya & Retina Center, Nalasopara

Optical Coherence Tomography
(Topcon 3D OCT Maestro)

OCT is very useful technique for eye diagnosis.
OCT machine takes 30,000 scans per seconds and provides the exact anatomical cross sectional image of living eye and specially inner portion Retina.
This OCT scan is completed in few seconds, without causing any damage to eye.

Made in Japan
Pachymeter with Tonometer
(Topcon CT-1P)

Two functions in single machine.
This machine is useful in diagnosis and management of Glaucoma.
Glaucoma is silent killer of eye.
Increased intraocular pressure causes damage to Optic Nerve, which connects eye to brain.
This machine sends three air puffs to cornea in rapid successions, anterior part of eye, and measures intraocular pressure.
This scan is completed in few seconds.

Made in Japan
(Topcon Lensometer)

This machine tells the number in patient spectacle lenses.
This machoine tells the percentage of ultraviolet rays passing through the lenses.
According to this, we can know the quality of lenses, whether it is as promised by optical shop person.

Made in Japan
(Topcon Autoref KR-800)

This machine is useful for computerised eye testing
Whether the person has spectacle number or no.

Made in Japan
Phacoemulsification Machine
(Zeiss Visalis 100)

World Class machine quality of Zeiss.
This machine is used for advanced cataract surgery.
With this machine, cataract surgery can be performed without injection.

Made in Germany
Ophthalmic Microscope
(Zeiss OPMI Lumera 300 Microscope)

World Class machine quality of Zeiss.
This microscope is useful in ophthalmic surgeries.
With the use of world class optics, useful surgeries are done with precision.

Made in Germany
Hi-Tech Operation Theatre

Hi-Tech Operation Theatre with HEPA filters and Laminar Flow with air handling Units.
Operation theatre has highest sterility.
This operation Theatre has pressure sensors and humidity control systems.

Green Laser System
(Appasamy Amogh)

Laser system for eye treatment.
Diabetic Retinopathy and other retina problems can be treated with this laser.
532 microns with green colour.

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(Appasamy Perimetry)

Very useful machine for Glaucoma Diagnosis.
Patient has to sit for 20 minutes for this test. Patient sees flashing lights in front of eye and patient has to press button.
This machine diagnoses visual field in various angles.

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(Appasamy Marvel Scan)

This machiine calculates axial length of eyeball.
This is useful for calculating lens power after cataract surgery.
Patient has to see one small red light in front of eye, and scan is completed in few seconds.

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Slit Lamp Biometry
(Appasamy 3 step Biometry)

This is useful in general eye condions such as dry eye, corneal ulcer, cataract, uveitis, conjunctivitis.
All OPD patients are screened with this biometry.
Patient has to keep chin on chin rest, and the doctor will do eye examination.
This takes variable time according to eye problems.

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Indirect Ophthalmoscope
(Appasamy Indirect Ophthalmoscope)

Very useful machine for Retina problems Diagnosis.
Patient has to undergo this examination after putting eyedrops for 30 minutes in eye clinic.
This examination takes few minutes.

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